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Vakuum ejeCtors

​In the range of vacuum ejector, we offer both single-stage and multi-stage ejectors. From our experience we can not determine in advance which of the two ejektorteknologier is best. Single stage ejector typically have a large flow at 50% to 80% vacuum, while the multi-stage ejector has a greater flow at 0% to 40% vacuum. So depending on whether you should handle an issue that is close or through suction significantly, we'll help you select the right solution.​

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​Call tel No​+45 39 64 14 76 or +45 39 64 14 76 and have a chat about the vacuum pumps that are best suited to your tasks based on the subs account:​

  • ​Decentralized or centralized installation
  • ​​Sterile pharmaceutical production
  • ​FDA approved food
  • ​Compressed air consumption compared to consumption kW
  • ​Vakuumejektorer vs. mechanical vacuum pumps
  • ​Service and maintenance
  • ​Dusty and greasy conditions
  • ​Refrigerating and wet environments
  • ​Addressing issues through the suction surface
  • ​Addressing issues with grooved surface
  • ​Heat, noise and vibration​


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